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  • Manufacturer: Xhorse
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Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad All-in-one Programmer Global Advanced Version


VVDI Key Tool Plus Highlights:

Global Advanced Version
Combines Functions Of VVDI 2, VVDI Mb, Key Tool Max, VVDI Bim, VVDI Prog, Obd Helper And Available To Regulate Xhorse Key Cutting Machines.
Bind With Xhorse Key Cutting Machines To Urge A Free Mb Bga Token A Day. Id48 And Skim Mb Key Password Online Will Need A Token, But Both Can Read Xhorse Bonus Points.
Multi-language: English (More Language Are Going To Be Developed Within The Feature)
Free Update Online
1-year Warranty

New Update: Add Remote Online-cloud Recognition Function (Feb. 2021)
Xhorse Key Tool Plus User Manual

Keytool Plus Has It All: A Computer, A Mobile, A Tablet, An Immo Programmer, A Foreign Maker, A Transponder Generator, A Programmer, A Frequency Tester


Cpu: 8-core 2ghz
Ram+rom: 4g+128g
Operation System: Android 9.0
Screen Size: 10.1" Hd Anti-glare; Anti-fingerprint. Super 10.1" Anti-glare Display Enables Top Operation Experience.
Rear Hd Camera: 13.0mp. The 13mp Rear Camera Is Meant To Suit Multiple Scenarios Perfectly.
Battery Capacity: 10000mah. Long Battery Life And Pd3.0 Fast Charge Help Keep You Productive Throughout Your Day.
Charging: 30w Super Fast Charge
Bluetooth: 5.0 Bluetooth
Wifi: 2.4g/5g

Advanced Processor

4xcortex-a53 Up To 2.3ghz
4xcortex-a53 Up To 1.8ghz
Memory 4g+ Storage 128g
Resolution Up To Fhd+ (2,400*1,080)

Xhorse Key Tool Plus Basic Functions:

Supports Basic Functions Of A Key Tool, Like Remote Generating, Cloning, Transponder Detection, And Immo Programming For Vw & Audi, Bmw, And Mercedes Benz.
Transponder Detection
Transponder Cloning
Transponder Generation
Remote Cloning
Remote Generating
Frequency Detection
Remote Renew
Ic/id Clone
Vehicle Error Light Reset
Key Cutting Machine Control
Built-in Obd Matrix Switch
Radiofrequency Simulator
Integrated Key Identification Coil
Mercedes Benz Infrared Read-head
Smart Key Simulator
Long-distance Immo Collection
Chip Pin Detection
More Functions To Be Added In Future Updates


1). Bosch Ecu Adapter Can't Be Used With Key Tool Plus. It's For VVDI prog And VVDI Bimtool.
2). VVDI Mb Power Adapter Fast Cable Can't Be Used With The Pad. The Pad Uses A Benz Power Adapter In Its Package To Fast Calculate The Pass.
3). Benz Eiz/ezs Adapter Kits Are Often Used With The Key Tool Plus. But Require Db9 Optional Adapter (Not Release Yet) Or Modification.
4). VVDI Toyota 8a Adapter And VVDI Remote Renew Adapters Are Often Used With VVDI Pad.

Immo Key Programming Function:

Striking Innovation  
Ren 4a Smart Card/4a Flip Key (Kadjar, Koleos, Etc) Obd Add Key, All Keys Lost, Prepare Dealer Key Vehicle With 4a Chips; No Need For Reading Backup Flash; No Risk Of The Car Dead
Mercedes Benz Fbs3 Fbs3 Add Key/all Keys Lost, Fast Password Calculation With A High Success Rate, Time-saving (Use Benz Non-removal Adapter)
Bmw Obd Add Key/all Keys Lost Cas1 Cas2 Cas3+ Cas4 Cas4+ Fem Bdc (Service Mode)
Vag Immo2 Immo3 Immo3.5 Immo4 Immo5 Mqb Add Key, All Keys Lost
Vag Online Immo4 Add Key And Akl, A6 Q7(J518) All Keys Lost, Mqb Add Key And Akl, 5c Add Key, Fast Inexpensive, No Risk Of The Car Dead With VVDI Remote
Toyota 8a Mechanical Key Obd Add Key And Every One Key Lost (No Got To Remove Immo Box For Akl. Require 8a Akl Adapter
Mitsubishi Obd Add Key, All Keys Lost, Prepare Dealer Key Outlander, Asx, Eclipse Cross, Etc)
Porsche Generate Dealer Key For Brand Spanking New Porsche (-2018), Obd Immo Programming (Key Tool Plus Read Dump And Generate Key, Obd Immo Programming)
Peugeot Citroen Ds Obd Read Pin, Add Key And Every One Key Lost
Ford (-2018) Smart Key Programming Without Pin Code For-2018 Models/key Programming
Ford 2019 Key Programming Without Reading Pflash Backups For 2019 Up Focus, Escort (Safe, No Risk.)
Jeep Chrysler Dodge 2018 Up Reading Pin Code And Key Programming Key Via Obd
Fiat Viaggio Palio Obd Add Key, Akl And Prepare Dealer Key
Buick Chevrolet Cadillac Obd Read Pin Code (Id46 Transponder), Online Get Pin Code For A Few Cars With 4d/47 Transponders
Hyundai Kia Obd Read Pin Code For Cars With 46, 47, 8a Transponders And Program Key
Honda 2019 Up Akl Obd All Keys Lost For 10th Generation Accord, Envix, Fit, Inspire
Volvo (-2016) Obd Read Isn By Obdii (Remote Key), Require Cem Eeprom Dump (Remote Key), Require Cem, Kvm Eeprom Dump (Smart Key)
Chinese Cars Support Key Programming For Common Chinese Cars And Pin Code Calculation Or Obd Read Pin Code For A Few Models

We Make It Fit More Luxury Car Brands Support Immo Programming On Luxury Car Brands - Benz, Bmw, Audi, Vw.

Key Tool Plus Provides Users With Functions Including Key Programming, Key Learning, Ecu Coding/ Adaption/ Replacing, Diagnostic Function, Etc.
To Best Resolve Most Problems They Met In Immo Programming For Volkswagen And Audi Cars.

Vw & Audi:
3rd / 4th / 5th Generation

Key Tool Plus Can Do Bmw Cas1 Cas2 Cas3 Cas3+ Cas4 Cas4+ Obd Key Learning, Fem/bdc Key Programming, File Make Key, Ecu Isn Reading, Ecu And Cas Synchronization, Etc. Getting Work Done Has Never Been Easier.

Bmw Immo Programming
Ecu Isn Reading Function

Key Tool Plus Offers Users All-rounded And Professional Security Solutions For Mercedes-benz.
The Device Helps With Fbs3 Keyless-go Smart Key Programming, All Key Lost, Adding Keys, Enabling & Disabling Keys, And 曰s/ezs,elv, Ecu, Gearbox, Ism Replacing.

Benz Immo Prorgamming
Fbs3 Standard Keys And Fbs3 Keyless-go Keys
Smart Keys, All Keys Lost, Add Keys, Enable & Disable Keys
Eis/ezs, Elv, Ecu, Gearbox, And Ism Replacement

Other Car Models Supported

For Toyota
For Honda
For Mazda
For Ford
For Cadillac
For Landrover
For Peugeot
For Kia
For Buick
For Chevrolet
For Volvo
For Mitsubishi
For Nissan
For Suzuki

Key Tool Plus Supports Over 20,000 Car Models Worldwide. We Will Select The Car Brands And Car Models On The Immo Programming Interface.
On This Smart Platform, We Will Easily Find The Car Models We'd Like By Brand Area, Name, And A-z Word Search.

Transponder & Remote Function:

The Foremost Comprehensive Database Of Vehicles Ever.

Id46 Online Calculation
Id48 (96 Bit) Online Calculation
Toyota H(8a) Online Calculation
Transponder Generation And Cloning Of Over 850 Car Models
Special Transponders And Special Cars And Old Car Models

Support Remote Generation, Smart Key Generation, Frequency Detection, Remote Clone For A Spread Of Car Models
Hcs/fix Code Clone, Non-hcs Rolling Code Clone, Fix Code Editing
Pt22xx, Lx918, Ht6p20, Vd5026, Ax5326, Ht12x Fix Code Editing

Its Design Concept Is To Unite The Functions Of Your Various Devices And Offers The Advantage Of Ultra-convenience At Hand.

Prog Function:

Key Tool Plus Is Meant With Prog Function, Which May Work As A Solder-free Programmer, Directly Reading And Writing Common Modules And Chips For Lots Of Car Models. Xhorse Is That The First To Supply This Integrated Solution.
Key Tool Plus Supports Reading And Writing Common Modules And Chips. It Covers "Eeprom And Flash", "Immo", "Instrument", "Airbag", And "Ecu", Etc.

Supported Eeprom And Flash

Support Modules

Bmw: Cas3/cas3+/cas4/cas4+/fem/frm/bdc
Benz: Eis/eiz
Landrover: Rfa
Porsche: Bcm
Volvo: Cem/kvm
Bmw/audi/vw: Ecu And More
Honda/hyundai/kia: Mb91f Dashboard

(Note: To Finish Certain Functions, Users Got To Connect Key Tool Plus To The Precise Adapters And Obtain The Specified Model Prompt On The Interface. The Function Is Merely Effective On The Advanced Edition.)
What We Will Complete By Prog Function On Key Tool Plus?
Support Eeprom Reading And Writing: Support Reading & Writing Most Sorts Of Transponders Within The Market.
Support Bmw Immo Module Programming Covering Cas3, Cas3+, Cas4, Cas4+, Bdc, Frm, And Fem.
Support Land Rover Rfa Module Reading And Immo Programming.
Support Porsche Bcm Programming.
Support Read Ecu With Can On Audi, Bmw, And Volkswagen.
Support Instrument Programming On Honda, Kia, And Hyundai.

Immo Data Tool (File Make Key)

Supports Jaguar - Land Rover - Porsche - Volvo - Mitsubishi - Et Al. Some Cars, Key Programming, And Other Settings Cannot Be Finished Via Obdii.
Key Tool Plus Gives Amazing Strength To Unravel The Dilemma By Delivering The File Make Key Function Which May Be Wont To Add Keys For Them.
This Very Function Features Generating Transponder Via Reading-related Transponder Data Of The Car Immo Module Directly.
[ File Make Key, To Get A Car Key Via A Knowledge File. Users Got To Use The Precise Device To Read The Immo Data And Generate A Boot Transponder To Directly Start The Car, No Got To Match The First Car.
(Users May Have To Rewrite The Info To The Immo Box When Doing The Programming Process On Some Car Models.) ]

Xhorse Pad Supports File Make Key Function For Common Car Models And Motorcycles. We Will Easily Find The Car Models We'd Like By Brand Area, Name, And A-z Word Search.

We "Liberate" Your Application Interface

Maintenance Function

Meet Your Work Demands In Every Way. Key Tool Plus Supports Maintenance Light Reset, Electric Hand Brake, Tpms, Battery Matching, Throttle Program, Injector Programming, Steering Angle Programming, Bitting Decode, Gearbox Programming, Headlight Programming, Etc.

More Maintenance Functions Are Going To Be Released Soon.

control Key Cutting Machines Developed By Xhorse
key Tool Plus Is Out There To Regulate The Key Cutting Machines(Condor, Dolphin, And Panda), To Perfectly Work As An Operation Screen. By Using Key Tool Plus, Completely Free Your Mobile Phones.

Cloud Diagnosis Mode-c:
After The Key Tool Plus Start The C Mode Of Cloud Diagnosis, It'll Generate The Local C-terminal Id And Send The C-terminal Id To The Customer Who Provides Remote Service. Customers Use A Cloud Diagnosis B-terminal Xhorse Device, After Inputting C Id And Hook Up With The Plus Pad For Remote Diagnosis, Programming, Coding, Matching, Maintenance, And Other Functions.

Other Special Functions:
Remote Renew, Set Sort Of VVDI Super Chip, VVDI Special Tp, Unlock Toyota Smart Key, Detect Remote, VVDI Remote Repair Calibration, VVDI Smart Key Clone, VVDI Smart Key Customization, Remote Charge Battery, Honda Cycle Key Renew, 8e Remote Upgrade/unlock, Xm Smart Key Customization, Toyota Smart Key Frequency Setting

More Functions Coming Soon
Eg. Obd Diagnosis And Mqb49 Immo Programming Have Just Been Released On Key Tool Plus And It’s Projected To Support Doip, Can-fd, Toyota 8a Smartkey Within The Near Future.

Name Of Ports

Light Sensor: Detect The Brightness Within The Surrounding Environment
Detection Coil (Including 125k Low, 13.56m Medium, 300-900m High Frequency)
Support Reading, Writing, And Cloning Common Immo Transponders
Support Reading Common Id Transponders
Support Reading Common Ic Transponders
Support Frequency Detection Of Common Vehicle Remotes
Immo Transponder Placement Hole For Vehicle Immo Transponders
Usb Charging Port: Support Standard Fast Charge Adapter And Standard Type-c Port Dc-5v Input.
Ps2 Port For Remote Programming
Db15 Port: Support Standard & Optional Programming Adapters With Db15 Port
Db25 Port For Obd Matching
Benz Infrared (Ir) Port: Support Ir Read Benz Fbs3 & Fbs4 Smart Key And Support Benz Ir Reader

Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Full Package List:

Key Tool Plus
User Manual
Certification And Warranty Card
Usb3.0 Type-c Cable
Obd_db25 Cable
Obd_kla_10 Connector
Obd_kia_20 Connector
0bd Honda 3 Connector
Remote_ps2 Programming Cable
Transponder Box
Prog_dbi5_15 Cable
Prog Eeprom Adapter
Benz Ir Adapter
Benz Nec1 Adapter
Benz Nec2 Adapter
Benz Nec3 Adapter
Benz Power Adapter
9s12xe Cable
Mcu Cable

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