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Drill Bits Carbide End Mills Cutter D6x25x120

Item Code: VD21656

Product Categories: Cutter

Manufacturer: MK3

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  • Manufacturer: MK3
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Condition: New
Manufacturer: MK3
size: D6x25x120
Material : Carbide

Introducing our precision-engineered Carbide End Mills Cutter, designed to deliver exceptional performance in milling and machining applications. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this D6x25x120 cutter promises accuracy, versatility, and durability for your machining needs.

Drill Bits Carbide End Mills Cutter D6x25x120 Key Features:

  1. Diameter (D): 6 mm - The optimal size for a range of milling tasks, providing a balance between versatility and precision.

  2. Length of Cut (L): 25 mm - With a generous cutting length, this end mill cutter allows for efficient material removal while maintaining stability and accuracy.

  3. Overall Length (L): 120 mm - The extended length enhances versatility, allowing the cutter to handle a variety of milling operations with ease.


    Material: The cutter is constructed from premium carbide material, renowned for its hardness, wear resistance, and thermal stability. This ensures extended tool life and consistent performance across a wide range of materials.

  5. Dimensional Accuracy: The cutter features precise dimensions, with a diameter (D) of 6mm, a cutting length (L) of 25mm, and an overall length (OAL) of 120mm. This meticulous design allows for efficient and accurate machining operations.

  6. Flute Design: The end mill cutter incorporates a multi-flute design to enhance chip evacuation, reduce heat buildup, and improve overall cutting efficiency. The flutes are engineered for optimal performance in both roughing and finishing applications.

  7. Coating: A specialized coating is applied to the cutter's surface to further enhance performance. The coating provides increased hardness, reduces friction, and aids in preventing chip adhesion, resulting in smoother cutting and reduced tool wear.

  8. Versatility: The D6x25x120 Carbide End Mill Cutter is versatile and suitable for various materials, including metals, plastics, and composites. Its adaptability makes it an excellent choice for a wide range of milling applications.

  9. Precision Machining: Engineered for precision machining, this end mill cutter delivers high accuracy and surface finish. It is ideal for applications where tight tolerances and quality finishes are crucial.

  10. Compatibility: The cutter is designed to be compatible with a variety of milling machines, ensuring ease of integration into different machining setups.

Drill Bits Carbide End Mills Cutter D6x25x120 Applications:

  • Precision milling
  • Profile contouring
  • Slotting
  • Chamfering
  • General machining tasks

Drill Bits Carbide End Mills Cutter D6x25x120 Material: Crafted from premium carbide, this end mill cutter ensures exceptional hardness, wear resistance, and longevity, making it suitable for demanding machining tasks.

Drill Bits Carbide End Mills Cutter D6x25x120 Benefits:

  • Precision Machining: The D6x25x120 carbide end mill cutter is engineered for precision, delivering accurate and clean cuts in various materials, including metals, plastics, and more.

  • Versatile Application: Whether you're working on milling, profiling, or slotting tasks, this cutter is designed to handle a broad spectrum of machining applications.

  • Durable Carbide Construction: The cutter's carbide construction guarantees durability, reducing the need for frequent tool changes and ensuring consistent performance in demanding applications.

Elevate your machining capabilities with the Drill Bits Carbide End Mills Cutter D6x25x120. Engineered for reliability and longevity, this cutter is a valuable tool for professionals and enthusiasts alike, ensuring exceptional results in every milling operation.

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