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Dimple Cutter 04DM Carbide D6x110°x30x2T For Futura

Item Code: VD15890

Product Categories: Cutter

Manufacturer: MK3

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  • Manufacturer: MK3
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Manufacturer: MK3
Condition: New
size: D6x110°x30x2T
Type: 04DM
Material : Carbide


Dimple Cutter 04DM Carbide D6x110°x30x2T Features:

  • Material: It is made of high hardness and high wear resistance carbide material, ultra-fine grain and good wear resistance.
  • Manufacturing process: 5-axis full automatic grinding center with high gloss grinding, sharp and low noise , suitable processing key with.
  • Quality: The roundness of the handle is 0.002mm, which greatly reduces the blade deflection during high-speed rotation
  • Character : Accurate size, high precision of cutting key; sharp, aimed at the high speed of the electronic key machine, we design back angle of easy chip removal, cut fast and light.
  • Advantages: Sharp, cut brass key and nickel silver copper key smooth without burrs.

Dimple Cutter 04DM Carbide D6x110°x30x2T SUIT FOR PROCESSING KEYS :

All internal milling slots and external milling slot keys, suitable for processing nickel silver copper keys, can efficiently process original high hardness key blanks, such as Honda original keys, STRATTEC key blanks, etc

Dimple Cutter 04DM Carbide D6x110°x30x2T Compatibility Key Cutting Machine:

Futura Pro, Futura Pro Engraving, Futura Pro Automotive


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