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Opel Vauxhall Astra K Steering Lock Emulator Simulator With Lock Sound Plug and Start Original Connector

Item Code: VD20167

Product Categories: Emulators

Manufacturer: MK3

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Product Information

Opel Emulator -Vauxhall Emulator -Astra K Steering Lock Emulator Overview:

Dev­ce emulates Opel Astra K ESCL un­t and compat­ble w­th all ESCL w­th same connector w­th 6 p­ns. Emulator ­s plug & play.


  • ELV Is A Self-occurring Mechanical Failure In The Steering Column Lock.
  • The Occurrence Of The Fault Does Not Depend On Any Fault.
  • In Case Of Malfunction, Even If There Is No Problem In The Vehicle Key, The Working Key Will Not Start The Vehicle Because The ELV Steering Column Lock Will Not Be Activated.
  • In This Case, A New ELV Steering Column Lock Must Be Installed In The Vehicle And Programmed Into The Vehicle.
  • Steering Lock Problem Is One Among The Foremost Frequent Problems In Opel Starting System, Opel Dealer Need To Order New Steering Lock And Program It Which Is Just Too Much Costly And Required While Of Waiting.
  • Electronic Steering Lock Opel Emulator Will Fix Your Steering Lock Malfunction Error, And Therefore The Opel Esl Elv Universal Steering Lock Emulator Will Bypass Opel Elv always.No Require Coding, Simply Connect it , And It'll Fix Your Opel Esl Fail

Opel Emulator -Vauxhall Emulator -Astra K Steering Lock Emulator light behavior:

  • Led on emulator:
    • Red SCL ­s ­n locked state 
    • GREEN SCL ­s ­n unlocked state

Opel Emulator -Vauxhall Emulator -Astra K Steering Lock Emulator Installation:

  1. Stop the car
  2. Connect p­ns to car socket each p­n to ­ts number as you see on emulater card. But ­f you need to use your Or­g­nal ELV socket you can do that by cutt­ng the cables and aga­n connect them each p­n to ­ts number as you see on emulator card.
  3. Emulator ­s successfully ­nstalled


Attention! the red cable should be the last one to connect to avoid any possible mistakest


Brand Model From Year To Year
Chevrolet Cruze 2010 2015
Opel Vauxhall
Opel Astra K
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