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Milling Cutter For Medeco Keys Carbide φ10xD6X40LX5F and Tracer Point for D10 HSS Φ10xD6x40L For Medeco Keys SILCA MATRIX

Item Code: VD21653

Product Categories: Cutter

Manufacturer: MK3

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  • Manufacturer: MK3
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Condition: New
Manufacturer: MK3
size: φ10xD6X40LX5F - Φ10xD6x40L
Material : Carbide

Upgrade your key cutting capabilities with our precision-engineered Milling Cutter and Tracer Point Set. This comprehensive set includes a Carbide Milling Cutter φ10xD6X40LX5F and an HSS Tracer Point D10 Φ10xD6x40L, providing you with the essential tools for accurate and efficient key cutting.

Milling Cutter for Medeco Keys Carbide φ10xD6X40LX5F:

  1. Diameter (φ): 10 mm - The optimum size for a variety of key cutting tasks, ensuring versatility and precision.

  2. Cutting Diameter (D): 6 mm - Engineered for accurate and efficient material removal, producing clean and precise key cuts.

  3. Length of Cut (L): 40 mm - A generous cutting length for versatile applications, maintaining stability and accuracy.

  4. Number of Flutes (F): 5 - The five-flute design enhances chip evacuation, reduces heat buildup, and improves overall cutting performance.

Tracer Point for D10 HSS Φ10xD6x40L:

  1. Diameter (φ): 10 mm - Perfect for tracing and marking tasks, ensuring accuracy and reliability in key cutting.

  2. Overall Diameter (D): 10 mm - Provides stability and precision for controlled marking and tracing.

  3. Length of Tracer (L): 40 mm - A generous length for versatile applications, allowing for precise and intricate tracing.

  4. Material (HSS): Crafted from High-Speed Steel, ensuring durability, hardness, and longevity.

Milling Cutter For φ10xD6X40LX5F & Tracer Point Φ10xD6x40L Benefits:

  • Precision Key Cutting: This set is meticulously designed for precision key cutting, ensuring accurate and reliable results with every use.

  • Versatile Applications: Whether you are cutting Medeco keys or other high-security keys, this set is versatile enough to handle a range of key cutting tasks.

  • Durable Construction: The carbide milling cutter and HSS tracer point are crafted from high-quality materials, guaranteeing durability and consistent performance.

Elevate your key cutting experience with the Milling Cutter for Medeco Keys Carbide φ10xD6X40LX5F and Tracer Point for D10 HSS Φ10xD6x40L. Engineered for precision and durability, this set is an essential addition to the toolkit of locksmiths, keymakers, and security professionals.

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